Why is it necessary to keep your website up to date?

By Simon Gagnon

Why is it necessary to keep your website up to date?

By Simon Gagnon

You probably have several alerts on your phone’s applications or pop-ups asking you to perform new updates. The same thing can be experienced if you have a WordPress website that uses extensions to provide your site with certain additional features. Most of the time, you let these notifications slide because these updates take time to complete, and you don’t see the value in completing them. However, it is always important to carry them out, no matter what. Here are some reasons that will refresh your memory about the importance of keeping your website up to date:


This is the main and by far the most important reason. A website with outdated extensions can have security vulnerabilities. Through these vulnerabilities, a hacker could easily gain access to your site and steal valuable data. They can also inject files into your site to alter the displayed content or redirect your users to another site. As a result, the hacker could deny you access to the administration of your site. Updating your extensions helps prevent or fix these vulnerabilities once they have been identified.

the bugs on your website

Perhaps some features of your website are not functioning as intended. For example, you can no longer access certain pages, buttons no longer perform the desired actions after clicking, or you are not receiving forms filled out by your users. Each of these issues, when known to the website or extension development teams, can be resolved through an update to restore your site’s normal behavior.


If some extensions on your site are slow, and each click takes several seconds to perform an action, there is a chance that the extension developers are working to enhance performance and execution speed. It is, therefore, through updates that you can benefit from these optimizations.

the ui/ux improvements of your website

Sometimes, the user experience isn’t the best. Site elements are hard to find and interact with, or the colors are harsh on the eyes. Fortunately, developers are often assisted by designers who will help them optimize the UI/UX of the extension. After the update, you can benefit from this improved user experience.

the new features of your website

The most fun reason to do updates is to get new features that will make your life easier or enable you to do things you couldn’t do before.


In the end, no matter how much time an update takes, whether it’s small or large, we can’t stress enough how important it is to do them. The improvements will ensure you have a secure website for both you and your users, and of course, a website that offers a better user experience with new features and improved speed.

There are also tools that allow you to automate updates, saving a good amount of time (we like that). Feel free to request a quote if you want to continue the discussion and get tips and tools to ensure that your website is indeed up to date.

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