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Profile pictureJean-François Sauriol
Jean-François Sauriol
Profile pictureNoémie Garcia
Noémie Garcia
Profile pictureThierry Lemaître
Thierry Lemaître
Profile pictureVincent Demers
Vincent Demers
Profile pictureAlona Golubyeva
Alona Golubyeva
Profile pictureRaphaël Parent
Raphaël Parent
Profile pictureAlex Chartré
Alex Chartré
Embauche une célébrité is an initiative by Groupe Entourage that aims at making celebrities accessible to the general public by offering personalized support services to engage the ideal celebrity for its own event See website


Groupe Entourage commissioned us to create their digital catalog of artists for their brand-new initiative: ‘Hiring a Celebrity.’

The platform had to reflect the company’s mission (making celebrities accessible) and enable a structured display of various multi-talented artists.

*Since the creation of this site, we all secretly dream of hiring Mesmer for our next Christmas party.


The artist catalog is at the heart of the website and had to visually provide a high-quality first impression, worthy of the service offered by the company. The subdued color palette supports the premium aspect of the catalog, while the typography and rounded shapes give the brand a friendly and accessible feel.

To assist the user in finding a suitable celebrity for their event, we programmed a category filter and associated each category with icons that visually demonstrate the variety of services offered by each celebrity. A search bar also remains available for users who wish to directly search for a celebrity.


In order to ensure good natural referencing and provide the user with all the necessary information to select the right celebrity, we have created detailed and comprehensive pages for each of them

Un catalogue avec plus de 50 artistes

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