The TREIZE team at the cottage!


The TREIZE team at the cottage!


Last week, the TREIZE crew went to the boss’s cottage!


Because we have achieved our quarterly goals.

how does it work at our place?

Well, every three months, each employee sets a goal for themselves. Two criteria for this challenge: it must be done outside of working hours and must benefit the company in some way. So, after implementing an internal security system, making a technical improvement in programming, and introducing a cleaning policy/schedule, Quentin, Ronan, and myself had the opportunity to go to the Sauriol estate. Day or night, it’s a very cozy place :

Agencies are increasingly adopting activities outside of work to reward their employees or to assess their ability to work as a team. Well, for us, ‘reward’ is synonymous with a getaway at the cottage, not too shabby, right? No internet, far from everything, and with one goal in mind: to spend quality time with colleagues. It’s important to motivate the troops, and the boss understood this because he treated us like kings.

Qu’est-ce que nous avons fait?

Apart from eating and drinking in abundance, we rediscovered our inner child and went outside to play in the beautiful sun. Spikeball was on the agenda, and let me tell you, the tension quickly rose; we were so passionate that we even organized a tournament. After Spikeball, it was time to hit the water! Between belly flops and wakeboarding, we got to know each other’s patience while sharing plenty of laughter. Our days ended with board game sessions (also known as Catan) and around a soothing campfire where casual conversations, debates, heartwarming stories, and laughter filled the time.


In short, it’s amazing how in just 2 days, we got to know each other on a more personal level and learned about our colleagues’ likes and dislikes. Besides getting to know each other a bit better, we had the opportunity to strengthen our team coalition, and I’m certain it will pay off in the coming months.

Thank you for this cabin that reflects “young, a bit laid-back, with big ambitions”.

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